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Machine Tool Spindle Balancing Machine

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How to choose a machine tool spindle balancing machine in the machine tool industry
Developed machine tool industry
The machine tool is the carrier of advanced manufacturing technology and the basic production method of the equipment industry. It is the basic equipment of the equipment manufacturing industry. It mainly serves industries such as automobiles, military industry, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, power equipment, railway locomotives, and ships. China has become a machine tool consumer and machine tool importer for several consecutive years, and is the third largest machine tool producer in the world.
As the third largest producer of machine tools, it can be seen how developed China's machine tool industry is and how complete the technology is. Domestic CNC machine tools have already occupied more than 50% of the domestic market demand in 2010, and the number of domestic machine tools has shown a steady upward trend in recent years.
The importance of machine tool spindles
The spindle refers to the shaft that receives power from the engine or electric motor and transmits it to other parts. In other words, if there is no spindle, then the entire machine tool will not be able to operate perfectly, and the criticality of the spindle can be imagined.
Electric spindle is a new technology that integrates machine tool spindle and spindle motor in the field of CNC machine tools in recent years. Together with linear motor technology and high-speed tool technology, it will push high-speed machining to a new era.
Machine tool spindles and electric spindles are the key factors in the transmission of power in the machine tool, and their balance performance has attracted more and more attention from the majority of machine tool manufacturers and spindle manufacturers. So how can manufacturers in the machine tool industry choose to purchase their own spindle or electric spindle balancing machine?
Selection of Machine Tool Spindle balancing machine
As an instrument for measuring the unbalance of the rotor, the spindle balancing machine can reduce the vibration of the spindle and the electric spindle, improve the performance of the spindle, and improve the product quality of the spindle.
Before choosing a machine tool spindle balancing machine, it must be clear:
1.The size of the spindle or the electric spindle: because different sizes of spindles correspond to different models of balancing machines;
2.Choose a balancing machine supplier reasonably: Although the functions of the balancing machine are the same, the quality of different balancing machine suppliers is quite different. It is almost impossible to buy a high-quality balancing machine at a very low price, of course, there are also many cases in which a balancing machine bought at a high price fails to meet the customer’s requirements and leads to the customer unsatisfactory.
3.Learn more about the related knowledge of dynamic balancing machines: Don’t parrot other’s words, don’t listen to hearsay, if you have a suitable machine you want to buy, go to the site to understand and make sure that the balancing function you buy is suitable for you.
For spindles of different sizes, currently we have several types of balancing machines that are very suitable for spindle balancing.
Soft bearing machine tool spindle balancing machine
Soft-bearing balancing machines are designed specifically for the mass balancing process of small shaft rotors such as micro-motors and power tools. The DC speed-regulating drive device is adopted to realize stepless speed regulation, high-sensitivity measurement brackets achieves higher measurement precision, touch screen makes human-machine interaction more friendly and convenient to operate. For small spindles, this balancing machine is a good helper.
PHQ-50 hard-bearing belt drive balancing machine
This balancing machine can measure rotors up to a weight of 50KG, because the belt drive balancing machine can be widely used in the dynamic balancing of small and medium-sized motor rotors and crankshafts. For small and medium-sized spindles, it can help them to better complete the dynamic unbalance correction, thereby, improving the overall quality of the product on a large scale
PHQ-160H hard-bearing belt drive balancing machine
For large spindles and other motor rotors, due to the large size and weight, the requirements for balancing machines are also high. The PHQ-160H belt drive balancing machine produced by Shanghai Jianping can balance spindles weighing up to 160 kg. The belt drive is adopted to ensure the balance quality and accuracy of the spindle. It has the characteristics of convenient loading and unloading, fast starting, and high work efficiency.
Of course, Shanghai Jianping also produces dynamic balancing machines for other industries and types. As long as you have dynamic balancing needs, Jianping will do its best to provide you with comprehensive services.
Shanghai Jianping eagerly hopes that every customer can purchase a satisfactory balancing machine suitable for their own products.