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10T Universal Balancing Machine for Heavy Rotors

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10T Universal Balancing Machine for Heavy Rotors 

JP Balancing Machine Company is a leading manufacturer of balancing machines and equipment in the Southeast Asia.Which supply balancing machine for rotors up to 10T.Universal hard bearing support.


 1.The balancer is designed, manufactured and produced in accordance with international standards such as GB/T4201-2006,which also meet the ergonomics.

2.PHW-10000H balancer quality is durable and reliable,which with good perforance ratio,The mechanical part is durable and reliable, which adopts a casting bed base and supporting frame,

JP own developed sensors to achieve high precision and high sensitivity. The roller uses well-known brand SKF/NSK, Chinese famous frequency converter, Advantech industrial computer with 17-inch LCD screen  and Windows 7 PC system,  and all the Electric parts use Schneider.

3 . The balancer’s software independently developed by JP, which can be continuously upgraded and modified, and new versions can be replaced for free for lifetime.

4. During the production process, JP strictly complies with ISO 90001, ISO 14001 and CE standards.

5. Balancer Quality control, which includes inspection of parts, sub-components, semi-finished products and complete machines.

6. The machine debugging and aging time is 168h of continuous work, machine will be released after the performance and other indexes qualified.

7. JP will verify the machine accuracy by ISO Master and value through URR and Emar test.

8. we use ERP system to manage all machine’s parts, for the consumables all with safety stock, which can meet with your urgent needs.

9.JP balancer is simple and easy to operate, with intuitive visual interface.

For Different Types of Rotors

Rotor balancing in mass range from 100 kg, up to 500 kg, up to 1000 kg, up to 3000 kg, up to 10,000 kg

Balancing inboard and outboard rotors of various designs and types (electric motor anchors, turbines, drums).

Balancing of parts that don’t have their own bearing surfaces within special mandrels (discs, fans, pumps).

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