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Measuring Unit

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JP Balancing Machines is your personal top-choice dynamic balancing expert. As a balancing company, we produce general balancing machines and accept special customization for all industrial balancer. Moreover, we keep upgrading automatic balancing machine for automobile spares, to be the lead of whole line balance
  • JP-800 Measuring Unit JP-800 Measuring Unit

    HMILinux operating system...

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  • JP-680 Measuring Unit JP-680 Measuring Unit

    HMIWin CE Operating system...

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  • JP-580 Measuring Unit JP-580 Measuring Unit

    1.JP-380 Digital measuring unit adopts INTEL 8501 single-chipmicrocomputer2.JP-580B Measuring system dynamic balancingstatic balancingten supporting modesAdding or removing weight and CW or CCW rotating are optional3.JP-580 multi-scaling coefficient combinationautomatic adjustment of system sensitivityfastermore stable and accurate measurement.large storage of data4.JP-680 is 12 inch Touch ScreenWinCE Operation System Single and Double Plane Balance Measurement5.JP-800 is WinCE Operation System 12 inch Touch Screen Multi-account Management Remote Assistance Three Plane Balance Measurement6.Ideal supplementary instrument for balancing machine...

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