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Single-plane Vertical Balancer

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JP Balancing Machines is your personal top-choice dynamic balancing expert. As a balancing company, we produce general balancing machines and accept special customization for all industrial balancer. Moreover, we keep upgrading automatic balancing machine for automobile spares, to be the lead of whole line balance
  • Large-sized Single-plane Vertical Balancer Large-sized Single-plane Vertical Balancer

    Vertical balancing machine is suitable for dynamic balancing test of large disc-shaped workpieces such as wheelset and brake disc of power locomotive. Beside, the weight removal device can be equipped as customer’s request...

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  • Medium-sized Single-plane Vertical Balancer Medium-sized Single-plane Vertical Balancer

    1.Specially designedsolid brackets can effectively transmit mechanical force2.Durable and reliable sensor possesses high sensitivity and good linearity3.Permanent calibration brings high accuracy4.Special clamp offers higher accuracy and easier operation5.Advanced electrical measuring system and friendly man-machine interface6.As the customer's requestthe de-weighting system can be equiped7.PHLD series are applicable for clutch pressure plate brake disc brake drum pulley fan saw blade grinding wheel chuck flange etc...

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  • Small-sized Single-plane Vertical Balancer Small-sized Single-plane Vertical Balancer

    This machine is suitable for unbalance detection of disc rotors without journal, such as clutch pressure plate, brake disc, brake drum, pulley, saw blade, fan rotor, chuck, flange etc...

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  • Micro-sized Single-plane Vertical Balancer Micro-sized Single-plane Vertical Balancer

    It is suitable for dynamic balancing test of micro and small-sized disc-shaped workpieces, flying cutters, etc....

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  • Single-plane Vertical Pneumatic Spindle Balancer Single-plane Vertical Pneumatic Spindle Balancer

    The machine is mainly suitable for dynamic balancing test of disc-shaped workpieces such as brake disc, brake drum, saw blade, pump impeller, flywheel, grinding wheel, and pulley....

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